Most people in the world want to buy the products they use from brands that can make the world a better place. The importance of sustainable consumption is better understood day by day. In addition, employees prefer to work in workplaces that attach importance to social responsibility. For this reason, it will be of great benefit for companies to follow CSR strategies as they need to attach importance to such issues in order to be more successful as well as the future of the world and humanity. CSR has four areas. These are philanthropic responsibility, environmental responsibility, ethical responsibility, and economic responsibility.

As Evteks, we adopt CSR. In this context, in order to protect our environment, our aim is to use recycled products and recycle waste, to manage and minimize waste, and to eliminate situations that may harm our environment, such as using energy efficiently. At the same time, it is very important for us to train our employees on these issues. As a sponsor, especially in the field of sports, we continue our activities in order to emphasize the importance of sports in terms of human health, and we develop products that will contribute to human health. While we give importance to contributing to the country’s economy by choosing local businesses to purchase the necessary materials in the production of most of the products we produce, we pay attention to fair pricing for our customers. In addition, we ensure that our employees work in a peaceful environment by paying attention to issues such as equality of opportunity, safety at work, respect for business rights, etc. By paying attention to these issues, it is our most basic desire to satisfy both our employees and customers and also to make our world beautiful.

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