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Since our company was established, it has always been a company that has pioneered. We attach importance to modernization and innovation in the textile world.

As Evteks, we are happy and proud to turn this privilege offered by nature into a source of happiness for people with the help of science and technology, while transforming cotton into towels, bathrobes, sheets and duvet covers, and being an institution that appeals to the world in this field.

The formula for this success is; it is our spirit of creative motivation to bring our experienced and well-equipped team together with the developing technological infrastructure. At this point, we are exporting to more than 55 countries in 5 continents by turning our eyes not only to the regional area but to the world.

Turkey brand to the world of textiles

We are happy to send our products to 55 countries on 5 continents.

HeimTextil International Home Textile Fair (Germany-Frankfurt)

Evteks ADAQ – 2018 Fashion

“Perfection is not an ability, it is an attitude.”



Since our establishment in 1998, we have embraced our work with love and passion, always having an innovative and progressive philosophy. We have developed ourselves in line with the needs of our sector. We have always considered the demands and expectations of our customers as a priority. As the Evteks family, we saw our customers as part of our family.

We put customer service ahead of our own interests. We have provided service one step ahead of today’s expectations without always asking our customers the question of “what’s new”. This understanding has made us a pioneer in Turkey with the awards we have received in the sector. The award-winning Evteks team continues its innovative work in many areas of the textile industry.

In addition to our social ethical studies, our production, which we carry out with an environmentalist approach, continues to evolve towards zero waste with the understanding of recycling. In 2023, we continue our efforts to reduce the use of plastics in textile production by up to 5%. Our most important mission is to spread our ecological production philosophy in our sector and to be a pioneer in this field.

As the Evteks family, it is our biggest dream for you to support this movement and to move forward with us against global pollution with environmentally friendly ecological production. We wish you to be a part of this dream.