Yacht Textiles

The main feature that distinguishes yacht textile from other textiles; The reason is that it has a much more difficult production and service process compared to other textiles. Because each boat has a different size inside, it has a different structure and ambiance. It should be specially designed according to the interior and form of the boat and also according to the taste of the boat owner. The success of yacht textile; it is through harmonizing the personalized design to the internal structure of the boat. Sea and yacht is a philosophy of life and pleasure. It’s more than just a hobby, it’s a passion.

In this context, the effort to realize the boat that is suitable for the yacht’s form and that the yacht owner dreams of is both a very difficult process and a very enjoyable one. Of course, for the harsh conditions of the sea and yachting, what is expected from us are products made with durable and high quality materials, but also stylish, elegant and elite designs that complement the unique pleasure of sailing and yachting. As Evteks, we have gained the ability to produce extraordinarily soft but durable, stylish and elegant textile products for yachts with the knowledge, experience and dynamism given to us by 20 years of production and design. In fact, the high level of expectation from yacht textile products also shapes the characteristics of the products; in short, the materials and workmanship used in production are of perfect quality.


We put our signature on our velvet robe with luxury Turkish cotton.

100% cotton

Our stylish bathrobes feature the best for the world's most luxurious yachts

100% Turkish cotton
Velvet, jacquard, yarn dyed.

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100% cotton
Curl hooded bathrobe
380 gr/m²


Made from mosaic embossed double ply cotton yarn

100% cotton

Made of double-ply cotton yarns to ensure strength and durability

100% cotton

Super soft Classic Turkish towels add elegance to drying.

100% cotton

Lurex embroidery adds elegance to our super soft towels

100% cotton curls


We equip your mattress with strong and durable quality Turkish cotton fabric.

Combine your indoor and outdoor with throw pillows. We offer the colors and designs you want.

Our traditional, ancient loincloth towels made of 100% Turkish cotton.

Combine your indoor and outdoor with throw pillows. We offer the colors and designs you want

Stay warm at sea nights. Stylish bedspreads