Hotel Textile and SPA Products

Towels, bathrobes and bed linens used in hotels and spas should be designed and produced very specifically. The reason that makes these products special is the quality materials and flawless workmanship used in production. The durability of these products, which are purchased with the expectation of at least 150 washings, is very important. Evteks applies these details very well with its long years of production experience. The quality control applied from yarn quality to weaving, dyeing and ready-made garments ensures that the product is used in long and heavy conditions. As Evteks Ltd., we subject the products to a special quality control system at every stage of production, productions that do not fulfill these conditions can be caught at any stage and the product is shipped to our customers if the desired conditions are met. Developing very special production and control methods as a result of R&D studies carried out jointly with scientific institutes and universities, Evteks is able to offer satisfactory results to its customers who are looking for quality products. Evteks Ltd., which has developed its own quality manual over the years in accordance with ISO 9001, BSCI, SEDEX and OEKOTEX standards, sells towels, bathrobes, bed linen and slippers to hotels and spas from the westernmost part of the USA to New Zealand. Evteks quality, which is the choice of hotel and spa chains that give importance to quality and customer satisfaction, is definitely preferred by international hotel and spa chains that do not want to encounter bad surprises, especially in their first openings, as it has proven itself over the years.

Stylish, colorful, high quality


Curly towels with stylish border

50×90 cm 50×100 cm
70×140 cm 90×150 cm

Shower towels

300-350-400 gr/piece
double stitched

Towels that can be washed at 90 °C and do not let go

We can weave your logo on it.

Stylish towels in different patterns

Soft towels in different patterns that add elegance to your bathroom decor. We can paint in any color.

White bathrooms

50×90 cm 50×100 cm 70×140 cm 90×150 cm

Colorful bathrooms

50×90 cm

50×100 cm

70×140 cm

90×150 cm

It's time to cleanse with our spa towels!

Enjoy inner peace

Towels for athletes

The most valuable item of an athlete is its soft water-absorbing towel.

Curl jacquard pattern towels

The world’s choice is our soft jacquard patterned towels, which we export to 55 countries.

Turkish cotton signature


Luxurious Turkish cotton signed velvet robe with square pattern

380 gr/m²

Relaxation time with an elegant velvet bathrobe

380 gr/m²

An ambitious bathrobe with intense softness

100% Gyrocoton
400 gr/m²

Let's process your slogan

Velvet hooded bathrobe
380 gr/m²

The simplicity of Turkish cotton

Curling bathrobe
360 gr/m²

Luxurious Turkish cotton signed velvet robe with square pattern

Pocket embroidered
380 gr/m²

The unbearable lightness of a Pike bathrobe

Diamond pattern pike
260 gr/m2

Contrast collar Stylish robes

100% cotton frizz
360 gr/m2

Keeps you in comfort

100% velvet bathrobe 380 gr/m2

Embroidered bathrobe and towel set

100% cotton frizz

Offering a combination of quality and elegance


Striped or straight satin or perkal duvet cover sets

Liquid proof mattress protector undersheets

Duvets and pillows machine washable.

Pique bed spreads

%100 cotton


Warm and soft blankets
indispensable for cold days

Add an elegant touch to the bedrooms


Weaving pike

Produced from 100% Turkish cotton.

Colorful and versatile design

Ideal for any bed design.

Luxury pique textures

Made of top quality Turkish cotton.

Made from the best quality Turkish cotton


Cotton and linen were woven according to the old methods using ropes.

From smallest hostels to the largest hotels


Mosaic pattern Velvet

Non-slip sole

Brand awareness

Let’s embroider your hotel and spa logo on the slippers


Use and horse slippers