As a cotton country, Denizli, which has been an exporter for thousands of years in Turkey, is the first address for 100% cotton bedding. The merchant Titus Flavius Zeuxis, who lived in Denizli in the 1st century AD, crossed the Cape Maleus and made 72 sea voyages to the west, and our compatriot exported fabrics produced specifically for the Denizli region more than 2000 years ago. The quality of the duvet cover we use in our bed, which we use in the most important part of our home and where we spend a significant part of our life, is of great importance. In order to preserve its appearance and softness as a result of continuous use, the linens are woven from selected yarn with the longest fiber length. With the latest technological investment and skill, finishing processes are carried out so that the fabric has a bright and soft appearance.

As a result, you can safely use the world-renowned “Turkish” quality pillows, sheets and duvet covers for many years. We use “Anti-Pilling” enzymes and long fiber yarn in the finishing processes to prevent the results we call hairiness, lice and pilling due to friction on the fabric. The most common complaint is that the sheets and duvet cover do not fit the bed, duvet and pillow due to excessive shrinkage after washing and drying. To prevent this, we pre-calculate the shrinkage values of the product after washing, apply a special finishing process, and cut and sew the product “large” to the ideal dimensions after washing. Our products are subjected to this tensile test before they go into production.

One of the most important problems after washing is the problem of strength, that is, the tearing of the product. The reason for this is the yarn quality and problems that occur during the dyeing process. Our products are necessarily tested for strength so that there are no unpleasant tears when putting the sheet on the bed. Color bleeding and contamination do not occur in our colored or printed products. With the washing instructions we give according to the color intensity of the product and the environmentally friendly quality dyestuffs used in the dyeing processes, your colors retain their first day’s vividness as a result of long washings. Increase your comfort with Evteks sheets, duvet covers and pillows.

Stylish, colorful, high quality

BATH & SPA Textiles

Terry loop towels with stylish border

50×90 cm 50×100 cm
70×140 cm 90×150 cm

Shower towels

300 -350 -400 gr/piece
double stitched

Washable at 90 °C, colorfast towels

We can weave your logo on it.

Stylish towels in different patterns

Soft towels in different patterns that add elegance to your bathroom decor. We can paint in any color.

White bathrooms

50×90 cm 50×100 cm 70×140 cm 90×150 cm

Colorful bathrooms

50×90 cm

50×100 cm

70×140 cm

90×150 cm

It's time to cleanse with our spa towels!

Enjoy inner peace

Towels for athletes

The most valuable item of an athlete is its soft water-absorbing towel.

Terry jacquard pattern towels

The world’s choice is our soft jacquard patterned towels, which we export to 55 countries.