Textile Promotional Products

Towels, bathrobes and bed linens used in hotels and spas should be designed and produced very specifically. The reason that makes these products special is the quality materials and flawless workmanship used in production. The durability of these products, which are purchased with the expectation of at least 150 washings, is very important. Evteks applies these details very well with its long years of production experience. The quality control applied from yarn quality to weaving, dyeing and ready-made garments ensures that the product is used in long and heavy conditions. As Evteks Ltd., we subject the products to a special quality control system at every stage of production, productions that do not fulfill these conditions can be caught at any stage and the product is shipped to our customers if the desired conditions are met. Developing very special production and control methods as a result of R&D studies carried out jointly with scientific institutes and universities, Evteks is able to offer satisfactory results to its customers who are looking for quality products.


Let's process your logo on towels to help promote your brand

100% Cotton,
Velvet jacquard

Let's process your brand on the towel you want in various sizes and colors

100% Cotton curl,
Border embroidered

Let's introduce your brand with jacquard border

100% Cotton
Twill patterned curls


Luxury Turkish cotton weaving

Digitally printed,
Colorful bed linen

Choose your perfect bedding textile from our wide pattern and color palettes

%100 Cotton
63 Line Poplin

We brought nature to your bedroom

Check out our colorful,
printed duvet covers,
bed sheets,
63 Line Poplin


We can make a personalized bathrobe for you

Let's embroider your logo on robes to help promote your brand

100% Cotton
With back embroidery
380 gr/m2

Let's embroider your logo in various colors and patterns with embroidery on any model

100% Cotton
Embroidered pique kimono
260 gr/m2