EOC Underwear

EOC Underwear

Underwear, which is one of the most important clothes that has been used since ancient times, is produced in many different models with the development of technology today. There are some things we should pay attention to when choosing our underwear. In addition to being important to choose brands that offer first-class quality, it should also be suitable for our body measurements in a way that does not tighten our body. Fabrics with elasticity wrap our body and thus do not cause any discomfort in outerwear. Products with these features offer both comfort and long-term use. Underwear smaller than our own size may cause irritation on our skin as it will rub against our skin. Another important point is that the underwear that comes into contact with our body the most throughout the day should be made of cotton and produced from healthy fabrics. In addition, the quality of the dye used in the fabric, the fact that it is a natural fabric dye, and that it does not contain carcinogenic substances are equally important. For this, the features of the product should be examined when purchasing. Because underwear is the most important clothing that should be considered in terms of health. It is important that it does not sweat, allows the body to breathe with its air permeability, is non-itchy and has absorbent properties. Our underwear that we use on a daily basis must be comfortable and cotton. Nylon or nylon blend fabrics should not be preferred for underwear, which requires more care than outerwear when choosing. This is especially important for individuals with sensitive skin. These features, which are important for health, should be our priority and style should come after. Our underwear, which we produce with EOC technology, is both environmentally friendly and not harmful to human health.

Evolution of Cotton, that is EOC, is a magnificent technology that has emerged as a result of 8 years of work. Thanks to this technology, your underwear will have features such as preventing odor, increased strength, strengthening the immune system, hippoallergenic and staying clean for a long time. It is effective against bad odors caused by bacteria, after sweating, and fungus caused by ambient humidity. It has been observed that the strength measure, which is accepted as a standard in textile products, has increased more than 3 times with this technology. EOC contains nanocomposite components consisting of natural minerals and algae, vitamin D, calcium, zinc and magnesium. These contribute positively to the immune system. Thus, it also enables savings. In the EOC, where no harmful substances or heavy metals were found in the tests, only organic certified dyestuffs are used and do not contain toxic substances. Our EOC technology underwear is made of lycra single jersey fabric. Single jersey fabrics are very healthy as they allow the skin to breathe, and they are high-quality fabrics that are mostly produced from cotton and provide comfort thanks to their flexibility. Our underwear is 95% cotton, 5% elastane. Boxers and singlets are produced for women in natural white and they are available in sizes S, M, L and XL. The underwear we produce for men is boxer in natural black and white and 2 different models of athletes. Sizes are S, M, L and XL. The reason why these products are natural white is that in addition to optical bleaching, chemical bleaching called peroxide is not used and completely natural processes are performed. Made of single jersey fabric with EOC technology, these underwear for women and men are comfortable and soft thanks to their lycra content. Although it completely wraps the body, it does not leave traces and does not encounter problems such as slipping or turning stitches after washing, which is seen in equivalents. It has a cotton-like structure that helps the skin breathe with its natural structure. It reduces the risk of bacteria formation by breathing. Considering these features, our EOC technology underwear is a very good option for you. All you have to do is visit our site and add it to your cart.

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