EOC Sports Poncho

EOC Sports Poncho

After working hard in the winter, we look forward to taking a vacation in the summer. With the desire not to work, given by the heat, this desire increases even more. Monotony can bring along some physical and mental illnesses. Vacation has benefits such as reducing stress, prolonging life, increasing work determination and enabling to gain new cultures. While some of us take a holiday in nature in a country house, some of us take a cultural holiday, but we prefer holidays where we can immerse ourselves in cool waters to cool off. Sometimes we find ourselves in a hotel with a pool and sometimes by the sea. The serenity of the blue is a bonus as well as cooling. Thus, we start our working life more fit.


You can do activities such as sea surfing, water skiing and maybe a banana tour. Apart from this, kitesurfing and swimming are among the activities that can be done. In the pool, you can slide down the slides, play camel wrestling and have fun. In this case, when we go in and out of the pool and the sea, we have a small problem, “staying wet”. We can dry with our beach towels, yes, but sports ponchos, which are a more useful product than that, are much more practical. It allows easy wearing and drying. Thanks to its hood, you can dry your hair too. With its ability to absorb water immediately, you dry it immediately. It protects you from getting sick with the effect of the wind. We cannot say that sports ponchos are only used for drying. Thanks to its wideness, it allows you to easily take off your wet swimsuit and wear the dry ones without taking them off. So you don’t have to look for a locker room or wait in line. The ponchos we produce have EOC technology. After 8 years of R&D work as a company, we successfully passed all the necessary laboratory stages and tests and applied the ‘EOC’ Evolution of Cotton, which was certified by internationally recognized organizations, on 100% cotton velvet towels. From this special product that supports the immune system and contains calcium, magnesium and zinc, we have meticulously produced sports ponchos that everyone will love and that we are sure you will enjoy after sports, sea and pool pleasure. Thanks to the EOC technology, the sports ponchos we produce prevent bad odors caused by wet, humidity and sweat. This is the result of its ability to bio-clean itself with sunlight. In addition, thanks to its superior water absorbency, your skin dries immediately. Our designers have designed our sports ponchos for you as sleeveless, half sleeved and long sleeved. Our product, which you can buy the color that appeals to you with different color options, is soft. Triathlons and open water swimmers can easily use this product. We also have sports ponchos for children. Get our sports ponchos and be different from everyone else at the beach or pool. Express your elegance with quality and comfort.

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