Sport, which provides benefits in many ways, is good for people both physiologically and psychologically. That’s why people prefer to do sports. In this way, removing toxins through sweating is one of the benefits of sports. The use of towels along with sweating is of great importance. That’s why, whether outside or in the gym, you see athletes using special sports – fitness towels. It is easy for germs to spread, especially in gyms. This is where towels come into play. For this reason, fitness centers ask you to use a towel while doing sports. Using your towel when you are sweating or laying your towel between the contact area and your body will minimize the transmission of microbes. In this way, the microbes do not pass on to someone else. It is important that the towel is special. Size, absorbency, no odor and being easily portable are the features that should be preferred in sports towels. It should be absorbent enough to keep you dry while doing sports and thin enough to dry easily. A face towel will be small, and a bath towel will be large for sports.

As we mentioned above, our EOC sports – fitness towels, which we produce in the most suitable way for sports, are of two types. One of these towels is 50×100 cm and has a pocket that allows you to put your belongings. You can put your small items (keys, earphones, etc.) in this zippered compartment and you won’t risk falling or getting lost. Colors are red, black and white. The other is 30×130 cm and is ideal for those who prefer no pockets. It offers a wide selection of colors with anthracite, white, red, dark green, dark blue, mint, royal blue and black. You can also provide elegance by choosing the one that suits your sports outfit. In addition, both of our towels have EOC technology. EOC means the evolution of cotton. It is 100% Turkish product, Turkish technology, which emerged as a result of 8 years of R&D work.

Our 100% cotton miracle towels with EOC technology prevent bacterial growth and protect you from microorganisms that may cause irritation on your skin. Our miracle cotton towels are made with a unique twisting process that provides an ultra absorbent and breathable material. Protection with EOC technology means your towels stay clean and prevent odors. EOC’s internationally patented technology preserves the freshness of the towel for a long time by providing an extra luxurious layer. It contributes positively to your immune system with its magnesium and calcium content. It does not lose its properties even though it can be washed many times. Thanks to the EOC technology, these towels have increased strength and have a soft texture. If you want to experience this EOC technology, you can take a look at our page.

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