EOC Kitchen Apron with Cap and Pocket

EOC Kitchen Apron with Cap and Pocket

Do you love to cook? Would you like to be happy at the same time while preparing unique, palate-breaking flavors in your kitchen? Cooking can be a hobby or a job. For whatever reason we are cooking, we need to use aprons so that our clothes do not get dirty. Because the probability of the food splashing is very high and there is a possibility that these stains will not come out. Another reason is to prevent bacteria that can pass from our clothes to the food. Dust or things that we cannot see with our eyes may fall from our clothes, on which we travel many places throughout the day, and we do not notice it. Before buying an apron, it is necessary to pay attention to its features. Kitchen aprons are generally made of cotton. It is comfortable and easy to clean. The best option for this is the EOC kitchen apron. We provide this product, which will support you in having a great time in the kitchen, with kitchen aprons and caps that we produce from the fabrics we prepared with the EOC application, which is the only one in Turkey and in the world.

What is EOC (Evolution of Cotton)? EOC is the technology that emerged as a result of 8 years of R&D work. Thanks to EOC, our aprons have an odor-blocking feature. The reason for this is the formula that prevents the formation of bacteria. Its other features are keeping it clean for a long time, creating excellent water absorbency and increasing its strength. EOC does not contain toxic and carcinogenic substances containing heavy metals (such as silver). It contains completely natural minerals. Our products that we produce with EOC technology always preserve their properties. It is produced with internationally patented, award-winning fabric technology. The kitchen apron and cap produced with EOC technology certified by the world’s leading organizations are in black, gray, white and natural colors. While our aprons designed by Assoc. Dr. Şöhret Aktepe Dal aim at elegance in the kitchen, the fact that Evteks produces using EOC technology adds a different dimension to aprons. Our EOC kitchen apron is a double set in the form of apron and bonnet. It is 105×70 cm in size. It has snap fastening from the neck strap. In this way, you can make the adjustment of your kitchen apron yourself in the way that you will be most comfortable while cooking according to your height. The double pocket feature allows you to put your personal items while cooking in the kitchen. At the same time, you can use both sides of the apron as it is double-sided, it is ergonomic in terms of use. Thanks to the bonnet, the possibility of your hair falling out is prevented. It is made of 100% cotton fabric. Visit our online shopping site for our EOC featured aprons that you can’t find anywhere else.

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