Things to Do at Home During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Stay Home, Stay Safe

During the COVID-19 outbreak, it is highly important to stay home to protect ourselves and prevent its spread. What are some free online activities that we can do during the course?   The Down Dog yoga app is free until April 2nd (For students and teachers, the app is free until July 1st). You can […]

Corona Virus, How I am protecting myself

I have traveled a lot of long-distance flights in the past years. I spent more than half of the year on travel. These travels caused not only fatigue from flights but also fatigue from different climate and time differences. In these conditions, I had to take many precautions not to be sick. Besides healthy eating, […]

Developments in the Garment and Textile industry in 2020

With the development and change of technology and trends, the textile industry strives to create its own industry 4.0. More efficient cotton production, better yarn production plant, faster weaving looms, energy-saving dyeing plants that use less water and faster garment production. In light of all these objectives, together with the increasing environmental awareness, the textile […]